We live and work in northern California, and searching for beautifully crafted home goods and specialty foods is one of the great joys of our lives. We started walnut and park because we wanted to spread that joy and share those discoveries with you. 

Whether we’re scouting small-batch food products at our local farmers’ market or out on the road across the country, our approach is uncomplicated, instinctive and pure. We look for things that resonate with our love of craftsmanship, tradition, mindfulness and sustainability. We handpick everything we offer. And we buy directly from the makers, getting to know them and the philosophy that inspires them. 

 That’s why we don’t just love all of the items we offer here. We believe in them. And we hope that once you discover the people and the stories behind them, you’ll feel good about believing in them, too. 

 These days, you can buy anything, anywhere. But at walnut and park, you’ll find something that’s becoming increasingly rare—the joy of browsing, discovering and connecting with a collection of exceptional goods that are made to last, thoughtfully curated and presented with a true and distinctive point of view.